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Unlocking True Potential

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Sales & Revenue Management

With rising technology, an increasingly informed customer and a growing shared economy, the market for guest accommodation is becoming highly competitive and fragmented. Sales is changing like never before in the hospitality space. We are focused on guiding your sales team to delivering optimum occupancy at the right price thereby reducing the cost of sales and third-party commissions. All this directly impacting profitability.

HMC Enterprise brings in strategic and operational level of Revenue Management support through a series of activities customized for enhancing hotel profitability. We assist hotels with a full deck of analytical and intuitive inputs on managing rates, content and digital sales platforms. Additionally, we optimize productivity from all other segments of business like Retail, Corporates, Leisure and MICE. When a hotel outsources the Revenue Management activity to HMC Enterprise, it essentially is signing up for quality and consistency. As an institution built on knowledge-leadership. Our objective is to achieve a higher market share, a higher RevPAR and improved profitability.

Integrated Marketing Communication

The biggest characteristic of the hospitality and tourism industry is the customers are extremely fragmented. Traditional channels of business are soon being replaced. This is one of the biggest difficulties of marketing. As an important marketing channel, the Internet had been accepted by most. We provide an Integrated marketing communication (IMC) which is the process used to unify marketing communication elements, such as public relations, social media, audience analytics, business development principles, and advertising, into a brand identity that remains consistent across distinct media channels.

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Asset Management

Sharp focus on optimizing the returns from operating hotel business. We unlock the true potential of a hotel asset by assisting the unit operations team to challenge the status quo. By using market intelligence, logical assessment and industry best practices, we offer a perspective of balancing hotel operations with the financial objectives of the owner/ investors. We represent investor interest in a cohesive environment with the brand for a win win solution. In independently run hotels, we fill up the ‘knowledge deficit’ by detailed operational involvement.

Sales & Revenue Management
Integrated Marketing
Asset Management

Operational Excellence

Operational excellence is the commitment to maintaining the highest standards across your brand. It’s the dedication to continuously innovate processes, services and products; and create a culture that empowers teams to consistently deliver exceptional customer service. We achieve this by focused approach across performance management, continuous improvement, culture, organizational excellence and process excellence. As a direct benefit of this service you will witness improved customer loyalty, enhanced customer experience and agility, enhanced productivity and reduction of costly mistakes. This service is available for individual  departments as well with subject matter experts who have in depth experience and knowledge.

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Operational Excellence

Learning and Development

In our business, people are our biggest assets. We instil hospitality excellence and service culture into teams and organizations through bespoke training programs that address the specific needs of your organization. A wide ranging training programs from developing orientation programs and front line attitudinal training to executive programs. We prepare hospitality businesses for the future of the industry.

Learning Development
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